The responsibilities of MCS as classification society is to verify that vessels presented to its Classification Registry comply
with Rules and Regulations that the society has established for design, construction and periodic survey. The classification
society records, reports and recommends in accordance with what it has seen at the time of a vessel’s construction and
subsequent surveys. If a vessel is found not to comply with the Rules, and the recommendations of MCS Class are not
followed, then the society will suspend or cancel classification. MCS Class Provide classification services that

✓ The development of standards, known as Rules (MCS Class Rules),
✓ Technical plan review and design analysis,
✓ Surveys during construction,
✓ Source inspection of materials, equipment and machinery,
✓ Acceptance by the Classification Committee,
✓ Subsequent periodic surveys for maintenance of class,
✓ Survey of damage, repairs and modifications.

✓ Classification of Hull
✓ Classification of Boiler Installation
✓ Classification of Inert Gas installation
✓ Classification of Machinery
✓ Classification of Automation
✓ Classification of Refrigerating

During the Classification process our Society employs Qualified/Experienced and Approved
Supplier to perform periodical and/or specific activities such as: Thickness Measurement, In-Water Survey, etc.